Custom kitchen

Project 02: Kitchen

The expressive power of Emperador marble stands in a neutral checkerboard impeccable alignments, in which the white frames the undisputed protagonist of the composition, further elevated by the wise choice of construction details and by’ evocative integration with the materials that accompany it .


Giuseppe Chigiotti has graduated in architecture from University of Florence. In the city he began his academic career, then he became an associate professor at the Politecnico di Milano, where he taught “ History of Design". Author of many essays, books about design and architecture, he has been a collaborator with Casa Vogue, Domus, Interior, Way, New Topics and Octagon.
He has always supported his research activity and teaching with professional practice in the fields of architecture and design, designing private and public buildings, museums and commercial installations, objects, furniture and lamps. His projects have been published in international journals and books.
For the high quality of its design activities he has been appointed by the Ministry of Culture, honorary inspector for the Architectural and Landscape Heritage.
In 2004 he founded the Giuseppe Chigiotti Company bringing together the studies in Florence, Grosseto and Milan.